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“[…] Even more distant from the landscape are her Islands

[…] Ancora più distanti dal paesaggio sono le sue Isole, where what emerges instead is the anecdote, the story, the biography, a life, the choice made by this artist born in Paris in 1977; but it does so in a light manner, without commentary, and is lost among the jagged outlines of her ceramics and in forms that evoke maps of unknown lands. Are they real or imaginary geographies? We cannot tell. Gleaming and flamboyant, they jut out from the wall, while blending into it. Form dominates, taking the leading role: are they islands or Rorschach inkblots? Are they places or just shapes? Are they stories or are they dreams? Paint rules the roost, and the direction is lost in technical excellence. The voyage towards these shores continues (the series is a work in progress and could go on forever, almost to the vanishing point), but the compass no longer works.”
Santa Nastro, art critic

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