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Collage series “Mediterraneo” inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and the island of Elba

“[…] The sea “Mediterraneo” reappears in the ceramic and paper works of Cristina Sammarco, who lives on an island and always pays tribute to the sea. With an almost animist inspiration she discerns a sort of aura in islands – the shadow that is cast by their raised profile – and a varied chromatic sensibility in the waves of the sea, along with the coarse texture of sandpaper or the slipperiness of oil. There is even something sacred in the polished white of her ceramic islands, looking almost like candied hosts that float out of the lightness of the spirit. While in the images of the sea, mostly small in size, we sense a concentration of meaning in the waves that pass their rhythm from one to the other, ideally expansible to suit the breadth of feeling.[…]
Silvia Ferrari Lilienau, art critic

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