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For a new concept of herbarium

“The performance Anthropological Herbarium is a project of a conceptual character founded on philosophical and mystical theories on the universal animation of nature and in particular on the sensitivity of the plant world, the subject of recent neurobiological experiments that have demonstrated the ability of plants to communicate through their bioelectrical system, not unlike our nervous system. Visitors are involved in a scientific game aimed at bringing them into emotional contact with flowers and plants and allowing them to pick up the messages they transmit: a fanciful gesture that turns the perspective on its head, placing humanity in a position where it can listen to nature instead of dominating it. The artist, assuming the role of a medium, elaborates the form and colour of the plants chosen in chromatic paintings and embroideries, along with the message they have inspired, creating works on paper that will be given to the visitors in remembrance of an experience that is above all one of inner awareness, aimed at establishing new relations between humanity and the unknown realm of plant organisms.”

Anna Mariani, art curator


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